Partridge India welcomes Seema Sudan, author of The Will of God.

Please briefly describe your book.

The title The Will Of God basically focuses on the dynamics of the changing economy and the inability of certain people to cope with disruptive changes taking place in the socio-political and economical spheres, leading to lies, deception, corruption, and animosity; all in the bid to survive.

Keep It Simple

BY 8 February 2015 Blog

Keep it simple

“The words that you use to say something are as important as the decision to speak.”

Remember the movie Amar Akbar Anthony and its famous song “My name is Anthony Gonsalvis.” Over the years I have heard people sing or hum its catchy lyrics. While most of us remember the song well, I have yet to meet someone who can sing the very first lines of it, which goes as: 

Turning into a devi

At times I get the feeling of being whirled around, tumbled dried, pressured from all directions and pulled in many, stretched to the limit and finally left out to dry. This feeling is most evident on a week day, particularly, at eight thirty in the morning. I know I can say this for myself, for sure and don’t doubt that very many of us are going to disagree.

Hey!! Are You Listening

BY 8 February 2015 Blog

Are you listening

Listening is a very important skill – it is the gateway to unearth veneered opportunities, appeal to potential suitors and is considered among the most important skills that we should embrace, yet how many of us are good listeners?

The Magical World of Words

The one most important aspect that writing has given me is to open the doors inside, to my own awareness and conscious. It has trained me to turn myself off to any chaos and clutter around me.

I feel more in control by not trying to control the events around. Don’t know how many, of you would agree with me but writing, I think, ignites an inner strength of character also, it teaches one to hold on, by letting go.