Guide to all budding writers

The most important thing for a writer is to communicate through his/her writing, In order to build readership one has to employ certain strategies to sustain the readers interest. To do this, one needs to think out of the box and grab hold of the readers attention right from the start and sustain it till the end.

To start one should be well informed and fully confident of whatever theme or subject one chooses to write about. Keeping in mind the readership. While writing the central theme has to be intact, leading one paragraph to another till the conclusion. However, it is also important to not be rigid and let the topic flow and intermingle with related aspects giving enough material to develop the theme yet not sounding repetitious or monotonous.

Fortune favours the brave

BY 7 February 2015 Blog

Fortune Favors the Brave

If you are an entrepreneur, then you fall under a different cohort. If you are a successful entrepreneur who has achieved success against all odds, by virtue of three essential facets that are unequivocally present in any act of perseverance and success i.e. Cause, Operation and Effect, then you belong to a an even more distinguished legion.

Entrepreneurship encompasses the small, medium and the big. However, if you wish to achieve the pinnacle of success, then it is rather important that you first know yourself. Once you become aware of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses you can work to hone important ‘aspects, skills or attributes’ that are required to do well as an entrepreneur.