Fortune favours the brave

BY 7 February 2015 Blog

Fortune Favors the Brave

If you are an entrepreneur, then you fall under a different cohort. If you are a successful entrepreneur who has achieved success against all odds, by virtue of three essential facets that are unequivocally present in any act of perseverance and success i.e. Cause, Operation and Effect, then you belong to a an even more distinguished legion.

Entrepreneurship encompasses the small, medium and the big. However, if you wish to achieve the pinnacle of success, then it is rather important that you first know yourself. Once you become aware of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses you can work to hone important ‘aspects, skills or attributes’ that are required to do well as an entrepreneur.

Successful entrepreneurs broadly fall into three categories:

  • Talented.
  • Genius.
  • Hardworking and Persistent.


Dictionary meaning – “people possessing high aptitude or skill.” A talented person is able to achieve and deliver high standards within established parameters or existing circumstances. An extremely talented person who lacks perseverance and patience can wither away, but a balanced and patient mind with talent is likely to reach the top, despite adverse circumstances or not so easy a ride. Sachin Tandulkar and A.R. Rehman are the immediate examples that come to mind.


“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.”- Arthur Conan Doyle.

Dictionary meaning of genius – “exceptional intellectual or creative power or ability.” The value of a genius is in his actions. Talent may fade away, but a true genius realizes and adds to the existing. He or she adopts a new and better approach to the tried and tested. A genius can spot an opportunity where none exists; at least none exists for the ordinary mind. They live through the same circumstances and times as others, but bring about change of immense magnitude by their sheer brilliance and diligence.

William Shakespeare, a true genius of his times wrote what many had already said, but the difference was in the usage or communications of the material. That’s what a genius does – he or she adds their own touch on things that have already been said and done. A word of caution – many a genius has been termed as insane or absurd. In the words of Jonathan Price, “The difference between insanity and genius is success.”

Hardworking and Persistent

Thomas Alva Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” 

There are no shortcuts in life and people who truly realize the power of hard work and persistence will not give up or give in; they will not quit; they will always find a way around the obstacles. In essence, they do not take NO for an answer.

If you think you fall under this category, then you will exude energy levels far exceeding your conscious intellect. This infectious energy can be an alluring factor for others who get drawn in by the triumvirate of hard work, persistence and commitment that you delineate as an individual.

I will share with you my own experience when my husband and I started our very first entrepreneurial endeavour in 1994.

To start with, we managed to get a trial order of 14,000 pieces of leather garments from one of the biggest hypermarkets in Europe. The real challenge that confronted us was managing the labour and supervisors in our unit (the shipment date was 30 days) in order to achieve the deadline for the shipment date. We set up an inspection table on the shop floor that initially did not go down well with the workers, but gradually they understood our commitment and observed the arduous work we put in with them (as a team) that at times exceeded the hours they gave to their job in similar working conditions (without the air conditioned office). This out of the box thinking ‘then’ helped us not only complete our order within the time frame, but also got us our next order for 22,000 pieces of leather garments.

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary,” wise words by entrepreneur Vidal Sassoon. In essence, know yourself – which category do you belong to and march on as an entrepreneur to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. Always remember the difference between success and failure is in the choices we make. We also have a choice to pursue or give up. But before that please do keep in mind this beautiful quote – “Many life’s failures are the people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Alva Edison.




Seema Chaudhry is a graduate in history from LSR, Delhi, who after a brief stint in insightful writing joined her family business. After 12 years and at the peak of her career as a business entrepreneur, she has moved back to her passion for writing.